Why Buy From Us

What We Offer Our Customers

More than three decades of experience across a wide range of industries has offered Translab the privilege of partnering with many government and private institutions.


After Sales

Well recognize brand names: curating technologically



Good after sales and education



Long reputation in the market

Some of our most loyal customers include:

  • Government Ministries
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres
  • Government Clinics (“Klinik Kesihatan”)
  • Private laboratories and Research & Development (R&D) Institutions
  • Universities and Collegess
  • Factories
  • Flour Mills, Bakeries & Animal Feed Producers

Regardless if you are a well-established medical chain with hundreds of employees or a small research centre to an institution looking to implement Occupation Safety and Health (OSH) in regards to alertness (Drug & Alcohol), Translab has the in-house expertise and experience you are looking for to help you acquire what you need.

Extensive Certification (Government & International Standards)

– Regular external audit by credible and independent third parties to ensure internal systems and resources conform to best practices
– ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 Certified: Sales & After Sales
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Extensive Sales & Marketing Infrastructure

– Established name in the market with long presence (more than 30 years)
– Available in all States of Malaysia with full coverage (*alongside partner agencies)

Comprehensive Support Services

– Strong after-sale services & maintenance
– Continuous customer education for different medical and non-medical customers, (including and not limited to) conferences and workshops

Well recognised Brand Names

– Curating technologically innovative and scientifically sound products for the Malaysian market

Handpicked products based on market needs

– Large portfolio of products across diverse fields, good and timely availability of products