Translab’s customer-facing divisions ensure our services, quality and performance consistently satisfy and exceed our customer expectations and comply with relevant statutory, regulatory and quality management systems.



Translab’s dedicated sales force comprises five specialised business divisions. Our frontline marketing teams are classified by customer type, each specialising in their own portfolios. Through these divisions, we are able to cater to our customers’ needs with a wide range of high quality products and services.

Translab’s Medical & Public Health Division provides customers in the government sector in Malaysia with services relating to the procurement, supply and maintenance of their required products.

Our customers mainly comprise of:

  • Government Hospitals
  • Government Run Health Clinics (“Klinik Kesihatan”)
  • Various Government Ministries

with services relating to the procurement, supply and maintenance of their required products.

In addition to complying with relevant statutory, regulatory and quality management systems required by the Malaysian government, Translab also provides thorough After Sales Support as well as continuation of education in our fields of expertise.

Translab is well-known in the field for our Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs in addition to our quality medical devices. We not only conduct regular training, but also perform maintenance during these sessions*, thus saving our customers valuable time in regards to usage and upkeep of their devices.

Through the combination of our strong sales force and post-sales support, we have developed solid long-term mutual trust and respect with our customers stretching over decades. We aim to continue to differentiate ourselves and position ourselves at the forefront of the industry through these initiatives.

*for certain ranges of products, please contact us for more details


Standout feature:
Amongst our successful Continuous Medical Education (CME) program is the Hemocue school. Our highly successful Hemocue School which is conducted annually has seen us train more than 3,000**doctors, medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) and nurses, who regularly deal with haemoglobin related issues, in the use of Hemocue analysers. The overwhelmingly positive response and feedback loop received yearly from the participants leads us to constantly improve and adapt our training methods and program, making our training program dynamic and kept up-to-date with the latest best practices.

**Figures provided regarding Hemocue School are from 2002-2016, this number has since increased

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Translab’s Private Clinic & Pharmacy Division provides customers in the private medical sector in Malaysia with services relating to the procurement, supply and maintenance of their required products as well as updated training and consultancy needs.

Translab's customers mainly comprise of:

  • Private Hospitals
  • Private Clinics And Medical Centres
  • Dental Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Customers Related To The General Pharmaceutical Industry
Translab provides our customers with sophisticated products which add to their value chain, specialising in:

  • ENT Solutions
  • Cardiology
  • Neonatal Care
  • Infection Control
  • Diagnostic and Point of Care (POCT) products
  • End-to-end Solutions (Dependent on Customer Requirements)

Translab’s focus is on expanding our business by responding to changes in our customers’ needs, ranging from:

  • Understanding implementation of new/updated legislation
  • Pioneering new processes, and
  • Addressing market challenges in regards to device ownership and on-demand use

We aim to establish new business platforms and methods of conducting sales, After Sales service, and financing options* in Malaysia.

* financing options are not in-house and are conducted through external strategic business partners

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Translab’s Laboratory & Life Science Division customers in Malaysia with services relating to the procurement, supply and maintenance of their required products, as well as updated training and consultancy needs.

  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Research and Development (R&D) Institutions
  • Biotechnology Related Institutions, such as Blood Banks
  • Law Enforcement Bodies
  • Veterinary

Translab is a firm believer that research, education and up-to-date best practices are important activities that drive a nation forward:

  • We offer scientists, professors, researchers, and practitioners in all fields a comprehensive range of products to equip them with the right tools to achieve their goals
  • We are able to meet all needs in the setting up of our customers’ research or training institute, encompassing devices such as stereo microscopes, autoclaves, freeze dryers etc
  • We also have focused on solutions for clinical diagnostic lab in-relation to reagent kits and semi & fully automated analysers

Translab also has a dedicated in-house team of After Sales Support for regular and specialist maintenance of our devices, ensuring our customers have continuous usage of these essential devices with minimum downtime.

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Translab’s Drug & Alcohol Testing Division was set-up to provide, educate, and train companies in regards to Operational, Safety and Health (OSH) with emphasis on operating our range of drug and alcohol testing equipment and incorporating best practices in our customers’ daily operations.

Translab recognises the challenges of managing safety and risk at the workplace across various industries (including but not limited to):

  • Government enforcement bodies in Malaysia
  • Private Institutions such as the aviation sector, oil & gas sector, logistics sector etc.

Translab is able to cater to the varied demands of our customers across a wide range of industries and make it easy for our customers to manage their drug & alcohol testing program:

  • We provide reliable and internationally proven and established equipment (many also in use by various government enforcement bodies in Malaysia and internationally)
  • We also concurrently provide on-going comprehensive user training and certification

We aim to offer our customers sophisticated services beyond simple equipment distribution:

  • In addition to in-house staff training to competently use our range of devices
  • We also offer consultation on best practices and implementation of processes at the workplace. These practices, particularly the importance of user training, is especially crucial should a question or challenge arise in regards to disciplinary measures

Translab plans to continue to differentiating ourselves in the OSH industry through these initiatives of conducting sales, after sales service, and offering training programs in Malaysia.

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Translab’s Industrial Division caters to customers in the government/private sector in Malaysia with services relating to the procurement, supply and maintenance of their required products, with a focus on analysers and machinery set-up. Translab has also had success in Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH) training programs.

This has included a wide variety of customers in various sectors, including and not limited to:
  • Biotechology & Life Science
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electronic Factories
  • Aviation
Analysers And Machinery Set-Up

Translab has distinguished ourselves in several highly competitive sectors, with particular success in

  • Filling, Packing & Labelling Machinery
  • Grain, Flour and Animal Feed Analysers
Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH)

Translab also runs comprehensive training in regards to Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH) related equipment and processes. such as Drug & Alcohol Testing, Lung Aging Analyses, Quit Smoking campaigns etc

Translab provides thorough After Sales Support as well as continuation of education in our fields of expertise. Through the combination of our solid sales force and post-sales support,we continue to maintain our solid long-term mutual trust and respect with our customers by responding to specific needs/changes in their industry with regards to equipment procurement, set-up, maintenance, training, and consultation.

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After-Sales Support

Translab’s committed After Sales Support has existed since the company was founded, proving our commitment to strong after-sales services. Translab’s in-house team, comprising of four specialised divisions, has more than 30 years of practical expertise in the maintenance and repair of medical and laboratory equipment sold by us.

Our pool of technicians and service engineers are equipped to handle roll-out and testing, maintenance & repair, and calibration across our broad spectrum of devices, with high attention to detail and expert specialised services. Translab also works closely with our represented brands and agencies to ensure our customers receive continuous after-sales support.

Translab’s Testing & Commissioning Division provides roll-out services for most of the devices we sell, namely our complementary STANDARD TCT (Testing, Commissioning & Training) Package*. In order to ensure our customers’ devices are functioning properly, this Package encompasses installation, testing and basic training services on the usage of the equipment.

Our highly-skilled and experienced technicians and service engineers will carry out commissioning (roll-out), inspection, troubleshooting and on-site servicing upon delivery of our customers’ equipment. Together with product experts (in-house and/or with external partners), we ensure installation does not encounter problems and propose corrective actions if needed.

*dependent on equipment, please check with our representatives if your order is applicable for this complementary Package. If your order does not come with our STANDARD TCT Package, please contact us and request for a quotation for us to perform this service.

Translab’s Preventive Maintenance (PM) & Repair Division provides basic maintenance services for all devices we sell, ensuring optimum performance of all products sold.

We are conscious of the risk of untimely and costly disturbances due to device downtime, therefore with preventative maintenance on a regular basis and timely turnaround times for our customers, Translab is well positioned to address problems or breakdowns before it happens.

Translab’s Calibration & Quality Control Division provides calibration for all devices we sell, ensuring accuracy according to internationally derived standards. All instruments (e.g. for laboratory or field use) are periodically calibrated and traceable to either accredited laboratories or national laboratories* such as

  • Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM)
  • Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and/or
  • Jabatan Keselamatandan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (JKKP)

*dependent on machine type will encompass all or some of the listed calibration laboratories.

With our high consciousness of exacting performance of the devices we sell, Translab is committed to ensuring readings from our devices are consistent, accurate and reliable(i.e. that the device can be trusted).

Standout feature:
Translab has adopted Hemocue AB’s comprehensive user training program locally in Malaysia which has been met with much success, locally branded as the Hemocue school. The program was designed specifically for healthcare professionalsin regards to haemoglobin-related issues and usage of Hemocue analyzers. The program functions with dual purpose: while the intended device users are receiving training, the customers’ analyser(s) simultaneously are being serviced, calibrated and verified.

Training & Consultancy

Translab is looking towards education and strategic projects to lead the evolution of our business.

Training Division
Training Division

Translab’s Training Division provides user training upon delivery for most of our orders.



Project Division
Project Division

Translab’s Project Division is responsible for the planning, development, management and implementation of the specific special projects.