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Translab’s Training Division provides user training upon delivery for most of our orders.

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After training, the user of our equipment can be expected to:
  • Be competently trained to operate the equipment properly
  • Understand and communicate effectively on equipment and safety issues by ensuring Operational Safety and Health (OSH) is observed in its use(and if applicable, supervision or management)
  • (if applicable) Be aware of equipment needed maintenance and repair, and establish feedback loop regarding the equipment with Translab
  • (if applicable) Knowledgeably take part in decision making about equipment management, planning, and incorporation into customer in-house process(es)
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Apart from task training conducted during commissioning of equipment (i.e. roll-out of new equipment), training may be required when:

  • There is a change to the personnel using the equipment (e.g induction training when the equipment user is newly placed in their role/new department or facility or location/ assigned different or additional responsibilities); and/or
  • In-house customer change in process(es);and/or
  • Change in conditions (e.g. too much time has lapsed since the last training and an update in knowledge is necessary, therefore retraining* is required)
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Translab offers Additional Retraining Packages* that existing customers can request for, to ensure that users will be able to operate our equipment competently and safely.


Translab also runs in-house Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs* (e.g. Hemocue School; Drug and Alcohol Testing Equipment Retraining Programs). These usually cover training of POCT (Near Patient/Subject) devices and typically cover one (or more) intensive training which includes through face-to-face classroom lectures, video presentations and practical hands-on training by the user on the device. A Certificate of Attendance is awarded upon successful completion of the training and post-training assessment.


*Please contact us and request for further information / a quotation for us to perform this service

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Following Hemocue AB’s proud tradition of providing comprehensive user training, Translab has been offering HemoCue School to its Malaysian customers since 2002. Hemocue school is specially designed for nurses and other healthcare professionals dealing with haemoglobin-related health issues and covers all the needs of our end users.

A two track programme, it covers both:

User Training

  • Our Programme has been conducted on-site at government primary care clinics (“Klinik Kesihatan”), public and private hospitals, and blood banks throughout West and East Malaysia since 2002
  • To date, more than 3,000** doctors, medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) and nurseshave been trained in the use of Hemocue analyzers

Simutaneous Servicing, Calibration And Verification Of Your Analyser(s)

  • While you are attending the CME, your analyser will concurrently be serviced and calibrated under the watchful eye of our technical service engineers, all of whom have been trained in the HemoCue factory in Sweden
  • Stringent verification tests– using an ICSH traceable reagent – will also be conducted, ensuring that your analyser received the specialised care that it deserves
  • A Calibration Report with one-year validity is then issued

The overwhelmingly positive response and feedback loop received yearly from the participants leads us to constantly improve and adapt our training methods and program, making our training program dynamic and kept up-to-date with the latest best practices.

**Figures provided regarding Hemocue School are from 2002-2016, this number has since increased [/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”60px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]